Air Afrikaans Logo

Appearance: Beehive (2008 Short TV Series)
Based in: Johannesburg International Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa (possibly)

Air Afrikaans is a fictional South African leisure airline, seen in the TV short series Beehive. The airline offers direct charter flights for tourists with holiday packages included. The airline is named after the Afrikaans Language, one of eleven official languages of South Africa. Not much is known about the airline.

Flight ?[edit | edit source]

Departure: Unknown

Destination: Johannesburg International Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa

Status: Unknown

Air Afrikaans Flight ? is / was an unnamed flight from an unknown place to Johannesburg. During the flight, flight attendants Jedine and Marla harassed 3 passengers and stopped a hijacker from commandeering the flight. When approaching Johannesburg, the airplane encountered turbulence and at the end of the final segment, the airplane was loosing control. The status of the flight remained unknown. But, because, Jedine and Marla talked about, how the pilot of the flight - Captain van der Big was a sexually abusing alcoholic, who was probably not even qualified to fly an airplane, hint that the Air Afrikaans flight probably did an emergency crash landing on the runway at Johannesburg.

Events in Beehive[edit | edit source]

The sketch is about politically incorrect flight attendants on a South African charter flight.

Fleet[edit | edit source]

The only known airframe operated by Air Afrikaans, is a Boeing 747-200B.

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